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By 2025, a staggering 70% of container attacks will be due to known vulnerabilities that could be prevented (thanks, Gartner, for the heads-up!), we’re here to ensure you’re part of the proactive 30%. Our mission? We empower our partners to lead in innovation, securely and confidently.

Why Choose MerkleFence?
Boutique-Style Expertise
Highly specialized, technical consulting with friendly pricing.
Complete AppSec as a Service
Maximize ROI with our dedicated team, guiding you through every SDLC phase.
24x7 Comprehensive Support
Experience unparalleled support with our dedicated team and technical account managers.
Rapid, Effective Problem Solving
Swift solutions, ensuring your software remains resilient against evolving threats.

Services That Set You Apart

Step into the MerkleFence suite of services. Raise the bar for your application security with our extensive suite of services that do not cost an arm and a leg. From robust threat modeling and SDLC optimization to advanced penetration testing and secure coding training – we’ve got your unique business requirements covered.

Fortify Your Application's Resilience

Empower your defenses with deep dives into your system’s vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection against potential threats.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

Regular updates and vigilant monitoring to ensure your system remains fortified against evolving vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

Forge Security From the Beginning

Seamlessly integrate security protocols into every developmental phase, establishing a foundation of resilience from the outset.

Illuminate Your Application's Hidden Potential

Monthly examinations to unearth vulnerabilities and weaknesses so as to enhance your application’s strength and fortitude.

Guard Your Gateway to the Digital Realm

Proactively secure your APIs against unauthorized access and potential breaches, protecting your digital gateway from threats.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Thorough assessments shield against supply chain attacks and vulnerabilities, fortifying the weakest links in your security infrastructure.

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